Music Writer’s Exercise 2021

Michele Catalano
6 min readFeb 10, 2021

For the third year in a row, I am participating in #MWE, an exercise where you listen to one new-to-you album every day in the month of February and then write one tweet about it. I’ve found some new albums and artists to love the past two years and I’m hoping this year is no different.

I’ll update this every day until February and the exercise is done, so check back each morning (I usually do these at like 3am) for a new record. These “reviews” are short because they’re just meant to be tweets telling about your reaction to the album, so keep that in mind.

February 1:

The Antlers — Hospice

this concept album is both lovely and dark; it breaks my heart at the same time it fills it. full throated melodies and bleak, depressing motifs combine for something otherworldly. silberman’s lyrics leave you gasping for breath. standout track: wake

February 2:

The Wrens — The Meadowlands

this is a fully realized album. at times you want it playing in your car on a highway, at times you want it in a darkened bedroom at 3am. incredible songwriting, the music feel sonic. i’ll be purchasing it. standout track: happy

February 3:

The Replacements — Pleased to Meet Me

i’ve been listening to sad music for days and this instantly lifted me out of that rut. just an all around good time. in the highest praise i can give an album, i was sad when it ended. 33 solid minutes of pure rock and roll. i get the hype now! standout track: can’t hardly wait

February 4:

The Dandy Warhols Come Down

I didn’t know what to expect from this, I really knew nothing about this band going in. I was pleasantly surprised to find a really good shoegaze album that’s going into my regular rotation. Excited to listen to it again and again. standout track: cool as kim deal

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